Export to Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Population: 13 Million
Total Imports $14 Billion
US Imports $3.3 Billion (23%)

Ecuador is a small Latin American country located on the West coast of South America, intercepted by the Equator. Ecuador serves as the location for Murcadom Corporation’s Latin American’s sales center.

Why Ecuador?

Our location in Ecuador provides an advantage for travel throughout Latin America, since our central location provides easy access to countries throughout the region

We have years of experience doing business in Ecuador, and understand the people very well. By understanding the culture of our employees, we are able to achieve great success in hiring, training, and performance management.

Employees are the most important element of any business, and if you cannot connect with your employees, you will never succeed. We are committed to Ecuador, and our employees are committed to us.

Additionally, Ecuador is a politically neutral country and serves as the capital of UNASUR (Union of South American Nations).

Market Opportunities

  • Best prospects include digital presses as well as spare parts to offset printing equipment.
  • Most companies in the plastics industry manufacture packaging products, including plastic bags, bottles, plastic boxes, and food packaging products. Raw materials used for these products are in great demand, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • The best prospects in the decontamination equipment sector are skimmers, containment booms, pads and rolls as well as organic absorption materials.


  1. After living and researching in Ecuador, both Guayaquil and now Bahia de Caraquez for the last 16 months; I found a huge hole of opportunity in Manabi for a clean shrimp processing facility, utilizing recycled sterile water and air with increasing use of a renewable energy system in an automated plant monitoring, tracking and managing the materials handling of shrimp from prospect to landed containers.

    Thank you.

    W. Steven Garrett

  2. Looking to get to know you and your services better.

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