Raining Fish in Honduras

 Latin America Update: December 21, 2011

It’s Raining Fish in Honduras

Raining Fish

Image: boingboing.net

Legend has it that it rains fish in Honduras. It’s rumored that this phenomenon has been occurring for more than a century on a yearly basis between May and July. Dark clouds appear followed by heavy rain and hundreds of living fish on the ground. Beats paying $27.95 at Red Lobster.

Peru Gets Ready for 2012

Seven (7) free trade agreements signed by Peru with the European Union, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica will take effect in 2012.

Paraguay Blocks Venezuela’s Acceptance into Mercosur

Paraguay (pop 6.4M) continues to block Venezuela’s acceptance into Mercosur citing anti-democratic policies of the nation led by Hugo Chavez. Mercosur (Southern Common Market) is an economic and political agreement promoting free trade among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Record Q3 Growth in Colombia

Internal consumption, mining, construction, private & public spending, and foreign investment are responsible for some of the best economic growth data seen in Colombia during the past 4 years.


Latin America and the Global Corruption Index

Latin America Update: December 7, 2011

Global Corruption Index

Chile is the least corrupt country in the Americas according to Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perception Index. Chile (Rank 22) is considered even less corrupt than the United States (Rank 24), Uruguay (Rank 25), and much less corrupt than Venezuela (Rank 172).

GDP Growth Rates

Latin America is expected to grow 4.4% for 2011. Peru experienced a 6.5% GDP growth rate in Q3 2011 vs. 2% in the United States.

Did you know?

Bolivia which boasts one of the smallest GDP’s in Latin America ($19.3 Billion USD) has the largest natural reserve of lithium in the world. Soon you’ll be seeing descendants of the Incas driving Rolls-Royces.

Export to Costa Rica

Population: 4.2 Million
Total Imports: $10.5 Billion
US Imports: $4.5 Billion (43%)

Costa Rica is well know in the United States as a destination for adventure and ecological tourism.  The United States is also Costa Rica’s main trading partner, accounting for over half of Costa Rica’s total imports.  Costa Rica is part of CAFTA-DR and enjoys a preferential trade environment with the United States.

Market Opportunities

  • Automotive Parts Accessories and Service Equipment
  • Construction Equipment/Building Products
  • Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
  • Electronic Security Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • General Consumer Goods